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Escrito originalmente por Guest injectorman en 5 de Septiembre del 2010
Hi Guys,
Heres the prototype. I know most Spanih guys use Ninco or other plastic track systems, however here is my timber track lane changer mechanosm for those wanting something special.
A continuous thread brass rod is cut up into 32mm lengths.
9mm MDF is cut into 200, 300, 400 etc x 50mm rectangles. A 7mm hole is drilled into the pivot point. Some 6.35mm ID brass tubing is cut into 9mm lengths and pressed into the hole. Ideally its a friction fit.
The flipper is CNC machined from 6.35mm plate aluminium. A 5.0mm hole is drilled 5.0 mm into the pivot point from the underside allowing 1 mm minimum material. A 1/4" tap is used to cut a thread into the hole.
The height of the flipper (important) can be set using a 1/4" nut and washer. From the underside the flipper is locked into place by double nutting the brass rod. A washer is also used.
The liven flipper wire from the Lane Brain lane changer electronics has its insulation stripped say 7mm and solder tinned. The wire is then placed between the double nutting of the brass rod.
The hole for the Peco turnout rod is drilled, say 8mm diameter. The turnout then needs its 2 middle legs nipped off and the 2 legs either end bent at 90 degrees outwards. These create 4 glue points.
The rod of the Peco PL10-E turnout motor is cut to length. This helps to support the flipper so its height must be accuarate. This can be done by cutting a fraction longer than needed then nipping off 1mm increments until its just right. The Peco turnout is attached to the MDF using 4 tiny amounts of 5 minute epoxy. The 4 solenoid wires from the Lane Brain are soldered onto the turnout motor.
Here the flipper has its height set to suit 12mm MDF track.
The flipper opening is full thickness of the MDF.
The assembly is fixed into place using 2 screws.
Once is flipper opening is cut out the assembly fits in less than a minute.
These units will be in the webshop in 2-3 weeks.
There are 15 left hand and 15 right hand flipper shapes available.


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